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Welcome to our school - full of happy, hard-working children and teachers. We want every child to participate fully, respect other people, be independent and determined in achieving excellence.

School Development Plan

2021 – 2022



We have recently reviewed our School Improvement Plan (SIP) in order to ensure continued & sustained improvement at Little Eaton Primary School. The new SIP, which is officially launched in September, builds on previous progress that the school had made since its Ofsted inspection in 2017


Our Core Priorities for 2021/2022 are:


  • Strengthen subject leadership and ensure subject policies align closely to the whole school curriculum vision.
  • Develop the new nurture provision.
  • Reinvigorate and develop further community links.
  • Prioritise the needs of vulnerable learners including disadvantaged pupils.
  • Strengthen cluster working.





Evaluation tells us we need to:

SDP priorities

Quality of Education




Review our curriculum intent, implementation and impact





Prioritise the needs of vulnerable learners including disadvantaged pupils.



  • Review our curriculum intent in light of our aims and values
  • Review our KS1-2 curriculum to ensure that there is clear planning for progression from year to year
  • Review and develop assessment of progress in all subjects and the way this is used to inform future planning
  • Review the means by which speaking, listening, reading and writing are developed in other subjects using purposeful activities which reflect age expectations.
  • Implement new ICT curriculum
  • Enable curriculum leaders to fulfil their roles more effectively
  • Ensure that subject policies match the school’s curriculum intent
  • Develop the monitoring and evaluation of subjects across the curriculum
  • Extend the provision of French specialist tuition across KS2

Catch-up Curriculum

  • Curriculum adjusted, especially in maths and English
  • Maths – use nctem/white rose catch up resources
  • English – whole school priority areas of learning for each year group to be taught following whole school writing unit at the beginning term 1
  • Year 1-2 to revise key phonics steps as required
  • Booster teacher identified and employed for KS1 and KS2 vulnerable pupils.

        Action Plan

Quality of Education




Raise standards in reading for all learners, including vunerable.  (QofE)

Promote reading for pleasure and enjoyment (B&A)

Ensure that the teaching of phonics is consistent and effective in EYFS & Y1 (QofE)


  • Audit KS2 reading curriculum
  • Identify vulnerable learners and accelerate progress through support plans
  • Embed new phonics scheme in KS1
  • Train support staff in the use of VIPERS as a comprehension tool

        Action Plan          


Continue to raise standards in writing, especially amongst vulnerable pupils (Cusp) (QofE, B&A)


Increase the proportion of children able to write at age expected levels or better (QofE)



  • Talk4Writing – continued development to support narrative genres.
  • Continue to embed LTP for writing alongside other subjects. Align non-narrative writing with other work wherever possible
    • Look for activities which engage boys and motivate them.
  • Further develop fluency by embedding ‘writing basics’ at different parts of the school – composition and effect, structure and organisation incl. grammar and punctuation, spelling and handwriting. Identify key features of writing at different ages. Identify barriers caused by over-complicating the writing process too soon.
  • Handwriting – ensure clear guidance for teaching of handwriting and ensure that this is consistently implemented across the school
  • Create a writing portfolio by genre and age to support teaching and illustrate standards. Use this to moderate expectations and secure agreement on Teacher Assessments
  • Support teacher moderation judgements by working alongside cluster schools.
  • Assessment of writing – review criteria in line with T4W and end of Key Stage. Identify, track and target set for unsuccessful writers [incl. boys]
  • Explore ways of linking speaking/listening/story telling with reading as a reader and as a writer.
  • Embed the use of summative and formative assessment across the school to identify strengths, weaknesses and priorities for groups.

        Action Plan

Quality of Education



Prioritise the needs of vulnerable learners including disadvantaged pupils by:

Continuing to raise standards in maths, particularly:

  • Mental strategies to build fluency
  • Developing models and images to support calculation (QofE)
  • Enabling parents to support their children with maths (B&A)
  • Modelling use of reasoning stems by staff who use this would help other teachers develop this further.
  • Non-negotiable statements need returning to and sharing with all staff and parents. Support for parents is needed to enable them to support their children – actions carried over from this year.
  • Embed the use of mental strategies to improve fluency, number facts especially tables knowledge / recall – raise profile of TTRockstars
  • Highlight use of concrete representations across the school – building models and images – ensuring that children in every class have easy access to manipulatives YR - Y6 Need core resources [manipulatives] in every class.
  • Embed the use of summative and formative assessment across the school to identify strengths, weaknesses and priorities for groups.
  • Once able, maths coordinator commence with the maths hub scheme to further enhance our mastery approach to teaching mathematics.

         Action Plan

Leadership and Management

Strengthen subject leadership and ensure subject policies align closely to the whole school curriculum vision.




Strengthen cluster working.



  • Enabling subject leaders to fulfil their roles in curriculum development through the use of directed time
  • Identify the training needs of subject leaders
  • Enable subject leaders to join appropriate subject bodies
  • Allow staff meeting time for subject leaders to disseminate information and training
  • Use school improvement partner (SIP) time to conduct deep-dive sessions in relevant subject areas
  • Embed the use of a new tracking system into school to identify those children behind expected progress and those vulnerable to being behind expected progress


  • Develop opportunities to work collaboratively with peers from other schools
  • Identify joint INSET opportunities
  • Utilise extended SIP time allocated for 2021-2022



   Action Plan

Behaviours and Attitudes


& Vulnerable children

Support children with SEND and from disadvantaged backgrounds

(QofE, L&M, PD)



  • Review provision for SEND pupils (EHCP/GRIP/TAPS/IEPs)
  • Focus the use of teaching assistants across the school upon the needs of our SEN and vulnerable pupils.
  • Ensure appropriate CPD for SEN support staff (Autism outreach, first aid, online safety, local courses)
  • Target disadvantaged pupils through Forest Schools provision.
  • SEND lead to support M.Simmons in developing the role of KS1 SEN lead

          Action Plan

Behaviours and Attitudes


Continue to secure a culture of safeguarding throughout the school

(L&M, PD)




Develop the new nurture provision

  • Complete safeguarding audit
  • Ensure a mental health focus for the first term of returning to school.
  • Re-promote Safety Bear as a means for pupils to bring issues to adults.
  • Engage with online safety projects (i-vengers)
  • Embed the new RSE programme of study.
  • Ensure new staff follow safeguarding induction programme


  • Complete the building work for the new nurture room
  • Train another support staff member in the delivery of positive play

         Action Plan

Personal development

Embed our new RSE Curriculum to support the health, wellbeing and understanding of relationships



Reinvigorate and develop further community links by offering children extended learning opportunities


Ensure a culture of safeguarding is maintained

  • Children are knowledgeable about how to look after themselves both physically and mentally
  • Children build healthy relationships
  • Pupils’ are able to talk confidently about their work and how they are able to problem solve.
  • Children remain safe at school.
  • Pupil Premium attendance is maintained
  • The school’s core values are embedded throughout the school.


  • Embed wider curricular opportunities in French, Music and Forest Schools
  • Cultural capital is built through opportunities extending into the wider community
  • Return to pre-Covid levels of after school activity sessions



  • Ensure staff are up to date on training
  • Promote online safety to pupils through the i-avengers scheme
  • Promote online safety to parents through a workshop

Action Plan


Early Years

Adopt the new EYFS National Curriculum

  • Ensure the new framework is fully introduced so the curriculum is coherently planned and accurately assessed. Support parents/carers to understand the Early Learning Goals and ensure that they know how to support their child effectively.
  • Ensure that children transition into Reception and feel safe and secure. To ensure that children have a successful transition from to Year 1.
  • Ensure children acquire a wide vocabulary and can communicate effectively in a range of contexts.

Action Plan


Maintain and develop the school buildings and wider site

  • Complete nurture room
  • Purchase new doors for terrapin buildings and nurture room
  • Install new curtains in the hall
  • Make safe flooring in the kitchen area
  • Secure funding for the new clock
  • Develop a plan ready for the new financial year


         Action Plan

We currently have 1 space in our Reception class. Parents looking for places for 2022 Reception please look at the New Starters section in the Key Information tab
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