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Perseverance Respect Independence Determination Excellence
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Little Eaton Primary School

Participation Responsibility Independence Determination Excellence

Welcome to our school - full of happy, hard-working children and teachers. We want every child to participate fully, respect other people, be independent and determined in achieving excellence.



At Little Eaton we expect that all pupils can and will achieve. As a result of this pupils progress through the curriculum content at the same pace. At the heart of every lesson is the intention that children will demonstrate fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving. Children are taught in mixed ability groups and use practical apparatus to support and develop their understanding of key concepts. Learning focuses on nurturing a secure knowledge of fundamental skills. Lessons and resources are crafted carefully to foster deep conceptual and procedural knowledge. Practice and consolidation play a central role within this and therefore, well-designed variation challenges are used to build proficiency and understanding of underlying mathematical concepts in tandem. During lessons, teachers use precise questioning to check, assess and challenge children’s understanding and in response, children are expected to articulate their explanations to problems using accurate mathematical vocabulary.


We currently have 1 space in our Reception class. Parents looking for places for 2022 Reception please look at the New Starters section in the Key Information tab
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