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Welcome to our school - full of happy, hard-working children and teachers. We want every child to participate fully, respect other people, be independent and determined in achieving excellence.


Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for all of your support in helping your child with learning at home during this difficult period.

I would like to stress that all work provided in the form of packs and online in the future is there to provide suitable work/tasks for your child.  There is no expectation that all work will be completed, and I fully understand that families are facing complex difficulties. We are only hoping to ensure that resources are there for you and that you can receive daily interaction with your child’s teacher as and when required.  


Mr. Schumann

Home learning


Full work packs will be issued if we are committed to closing the school.  If they are issued as each child isolates it will be unmanageable in terms of directing learning.

However, I will put works sheets online this week, but their success rather depends on a family having a printer. Therefore, below are lots of links for children to explore and this will be regularly updated. 

For most of the work/links below, access to a laptop or tablet is required.  Should you have any difficulty in accessing the internet or equipment please contact the school office.


General-Twinkl assistance

To support you during this period, Twinkl is offering every teacher in England access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. We’re also extending this to every parent and carer in your school so your pupils can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS



Please concentrate on phases 3, 4 and 5



I have just purchased MyMaths for the school and will be issuing instructions and passwords for this once I receive them.

Year 1 and 2 children will be able to access numberbots.  Again, all passwords and usernames will be forwarded.


Scroll down for maths activities.


Reading and the Arts

Regular reading, art and creative tasks are also a good use of learning time.



Below is the link for the school’s online coding portal.  KS2 children and some KS1 children should be familiar with the scheme. It would be great if an adult could explore some familiar units.

User: student9923

Password: littleeaton


Another great IT resource is an hour of code.  The children follow a tutorial from start to finish, but please note the grades are American, so spend time selecting the appropriate age range.




Van Gogh Artwork - February 2020

Woodpeckers have been working hard in their art lessons to produce their own Van Gogh pieces. We thought they were so fabulous we wanted to show them off!
Useful Information 
At the last parents evening parents were given the maths key skills. These are skills that children need to have mastered before they move up to year 2. This document identifies the key skill and then explains it in more detail. There are also some websites listed that have games on which can help children with the relevant skill.   

Common expection words for Year 1

Common exception words are words that are not to be sounded out. Children are expected to read these words from sight. These words can also be found in the back of the orange reading diary.

Children in Woodpeckers need to be able to read and spell these words by the time they leave year 1. It is a good idea if you practice reading these words most nights as lots of these words come up in the reading books.  

Letter Formation

Here is a sheet that demonstrates correct letter formation. Children in year 1 still often struggle with forming their letters correctly. This sheet demonstrates where you should begin each letter and the arrow shows the direction the letter should go. It would benefit your child if you correct any incorrect letter formation and model the correct direction the letter should go. ( i.e o would go anti-clockwise and not clockwise)

Useful games to help with Maths and English

We currently have 1 space in our Reception class. Parents looking for places for 2022 Reception please look at the New Starters section in the Key Information tab
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