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Little Eaton Primary School

Participation Responsibility Independence Determination Excellence

Welcome to our school - full of happy, hard-working children and teachers. We want every child to participate fully, respect other people, be independent and determined in achieving excellence.


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Useful Information

Common exception words are words that are not to be sounded out. Children are expected to read these words from sight. These words can also be found in the back of the orange reading diary.

Children in Woodpeckers need to be able to read and spell these words by the time they leave year 1. It is a good idea if you practice reading these words most nights as lots of these words come up in the reading books.  

Letter Formation

Here is a sheet that demonstrates correct letter formation. Children in year 1 still often struggle with forming their letters correctly. This sheet demonstrates where you should begin each letter and the arrow shows the direction the letter should go. It would benefit your child if you correct any incorrect letter formation and model the correct direction the letter should go. ( i.e o would go anti-clockwise and not clockwise)

Useful games to help with Maths and English

Starting school in September 2020 - Parents have until 15th January 2020 to apply for a place in Reception...............Thank you so much to the PTA and everyone who supported them - the Christmas Coffee Morning and Parties raised over £1500 to support school
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