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Welcome to our school - full of happy, hard-working children and teachers. We want every child to participate fully, respect other people, be independent and determined in achieving excellence.


Letter for Parents/Carers of Children in Ospreys Class

Ospreys Open Mornings



Please open the document related to the group number sent via text, to find instructions regarding your child's face to face session.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any problems or queries.


Many thanks


Paul Schumann

Seesaw tasks

We are currently setting tasks each day on Seesaw which children may complete. So that children are not inundated with activities to complete when they log in, we are going to remove tasks at the end of the week. There is no expectation that children will 'go back' and complete any tasks they missed. Some days children will be motivated to complete all tasks; other days they may not complete any- this is fine. We hope that Seesaw will give you the flexibility to choose as a family what suits your unique situation. 


Some parents have asked for the weekly tasks to be made available on the website so they can plan in advance what and when to complete activities. You can find the links to these below. 

Common Exception Spellings

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for all of your support in helping your child with learning at home during this difficult period.

I would like to stress that all work provided in the form of packs and online in the future is there to provide suitable work/tasks for your child.  There is no expectation that all work will be completed, and I fully understand that families are facing complex difficulties. We are only hoping to ensure that resources are there for you and that you can receive daily interaction with your child’s teacher as and when required.  


Mr. Schumann

Good evening to you all, I hope this message finds you well and safe, hoping you have all enjoyed your first day of home schooling (for some) even though it is very strange not being with you all at school. 


Like you, I have been working hard at home today, trying to set up some fun things and find activities that you can easily do at home. You all have the home learning pack, a second one will be available soon with an answer booklet for the first one. Mrs Gardiner has put some really useful information and links to websites which will be really useful during this time so please find those on the website in the 'key information' section named 'home learning'. We are also setting up class emails so that you can get in touch with me and I can reply where I will be able to offer you any support you and the children need but also will allow you to send photos and videos of what the children have been getting up to. 


To ensure that children keep singing I have decided to set up a little YouTube channel, only accessible to you who will be given a code. On here will be a singing video everyday, me singing and playing songs that the children can sing along with and listen to, just some form on contact from me to them which I know will make a lot of them smile and will keep their musical education going. I hope this helps and ensures some music throughout their time at home (also some light relief for all the parents!) I will place a link each day (Mon-Fri) on our class page which you can then click and it will take you straight to the video. 


As well as this I have also been onto Times Table Rockstars and edited all the times tables up until September so that children have access to the times tables they need to practise and work on, ensuring it is not too overwhelming for them from one week to the next. This will allow them time to practise and become secure with their times tables. 


As many of you have probably already seen/heard, Joe Wicks the fitness expert is hosting live 30 minute PE lessons everyday Mon-Fri at 9am, urging everyone to get involved and moving. If you don't manage to join him at 9am then the videos are available on his YouTube channel. To access videos or join him for his live workouts head to YouTube and search 'The Body Coach TV'. 


Good luck, stay in touch and remember...keep singing! :) Love Miss Williams. 




Answer Booklet for Home Learning Pack 1

Home learning


Full work packs will be issued if we are committed to closing the school.  If they are issued as each child isolates it will be unmanageable in terms of directing learning.

However, I will put works sheets online this week, but their success rather depends on a family having a printer. Therefore, below are lots of links for children to explore and this will be regularly updated. 

For most of the work/links below, access to a laptop or tablet is required.  Should you have any difficulty in accessing the internet or equipment please contact the school office.







I have just purchased MyMaths for the school and will be issuing instructions and passwords for this once I receive them.

Children can still access Times Tables Rockstars, and copies of usernames and passwords will be sent home with children and texted to those not in school.



Reading and the Arts

Regular reading, art and creative tasks are also a good use of learning time.



Below is the link for the school’s online coding portal.  KS2 children and some KS1 children should be familiar with the scheme. It would be great if an adult could explore some familiar units.

User: student9923

Password: littleeaton


Another great IT resource is an hour of code.  The children follow a tutorial from start to finish, but please note the grades are American, so spend time selecting the appropriate age range.




BBC Bitesize Primary Science

How Stuff Works





Maths Packs

Autumn 1


Happy October Half Term! I hope you all have a great time, enjoy Halloween and don't eat too many sweets!


This half term has been jam packed full with many exciting learning opportunities that the children have loved. in Literacy, the children have learnt everything they need to know about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from creating and memorizing story maps, writing a chocolate room based poem and designing their own wonderful, imaginative food rooms which became their hot writes.

As well as this the children have been working hard with their place value knowledge; respresenting numbers, ordering 3 and 4 digit numbers, comparing, using number lines and rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. All this accompanied with lots of reasoning and problem solving. 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our topic this half term, Mountains. They have learnt about the different types of mountains, how they are formed and their characteristics. We have learnt about contours and even created our own contour mountain. Ospreys have become code breakers and all round geographical superstars!

Our Year 3 Science topic of Rocks has been full of exciting practical experiments. Starburst rock cycles, lego weathering, erosion and deposition activities, bread fossils, permeability experiments to designing and making edible soil. Yes that's right...edible soil!


It really has been a great first half term and I look forward to the next one!

Year 3 Science - Rocks - Weathering, Erosion and Deposition using Megablocks

Making Compost Bins

Making Contour Mountains in Topic!

Autumn 2

Look Out, There's a Sand Giant About!

Athletics Competition Year 3/4, Oct 2019.

Negative Numbers with Incey!

Year 4 Science - constructing simple circuits

Den Building with Mr B! Going back to the Stone Age times...

Stonehenge Biscuit Building

Dodgeball Competition - Year 3/4 and 5/6

Stone Age Boy Group Writing

Spring 1

Gymnastics! Points, Patches and Dragon themed still images!

Dragon Eggs and Fact Files

Year 3 Science - Animals including humans - Nutrition and Food Groups

Direct Speech Creating and Correcting

Skeleton Building

Year 3/4 Dodgeball Competition 06/02/20

Kassim and Billy Drama including Speech

Goodbye Erin!

World Book Day - 5th March 2020

We currently have 1 space in our Reception class. Parents looking for places for 2022 Reception please look at the New Starters section in the Key Information tab
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